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The Mia Wagner Team takes pride

 in offering exemplary services to all of our clientele. 

Below you'll find our exclusive services offered by our compassionate and kind-hearted staff members.  

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Styling Services

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Color Services

Hair Photo _7

Elevating beauty, one strand at a time

Hair Photo _15 (1)

Empowering confidence, through every tress

Hair Photo _6

Crafting beauty, shaping dreams

Blonde Client

Strands of style, woven with care

Hair Photo _3

"Unlocking elegance, one hairstyle at a time

Hair Curls

Where creativity meets hair, magic happens

Elegance Styles

Good hair is more than aesthetics; it's a confidence booster, a reflection of self-care and vitality. It can enhance one's overall appearance, leaving a lasting impression. Beyond vanity, healthy hair signifies well-being and self-esteem, influencing how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us.

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